The Natural Casings

Natural casings are made from the sub-mucosa, one layer of the intestine as it is edible animal protein. They are highly permeable to smoke, adhere well to the mass and ennoble the appearance of the product after the inlay.

High quality sausages are produced with the finest natural casings and, therefore, the choice of this ingredient necessarily should have the same attention paid to the choice of meat.






Division of Equipments and Packs
Rua Gil Moreira, 123
Muriaé/MG, Brazil, 36880-000
+55 (32) 3722-3981

Division of Natural Casings
Rod. MGC-265, km 10,3, s/n
Zona Rural
Muriaé/MG, Brazil, 36880-000
+55 (32) 3721-4877