The history of our success

1974 - The founder

The founder, Paulo Ferreira, starts his first purchasing of natural casings in the state capital, Belo Horizonte. Paulo Ferreira purchased the casings and went by bus to resell them in small mining towns.

1979 - The beginning

Paulo Ferreira founded Tripagel in the municipality of Muriaé/MG, Brazil. It is to hire our first employee, Haroldo Rocha, currently responsible for handling our casings. A curiosity: the Tripagel name comes from the abbreviation of "Tripas em Geral Ltda" ("Guts in General Ltd").

1984 - Property acquisition

Acquisition of property where the company was established since the foundation. We left the rent!

1991 - Expansion

Occurs the first physical expansion of the company, with the purchasing of the property attached to the original.

1995 - Structure investment

Construction of our first refrigerated environment, with about 25 m², to improve the conservation of casings.

1996 - New products

Work began on the Division of Equipment, Condiments and Packaging. New products started to be offered.

2000 - Customers all around the region

The service area has been extented for a distance of 200km.

2009 - In search of registration

Beginning of the project for obtaining registration with the Ministry of Agriculture (SIF label).

2013 - Construction done

Completion of construction of the Division of Natural Casings. We have now more than 500m² of refrigerated area.

2014 - The conquer of SIF label

We have conquered the SIF 3 label, which enables us to carry out the import and sale of natural casings throughout the territory of Brazil.

2015 - International partnership

Strengthening of our partnership with world leaders in the production of natural casings, which allows us to offer different quality products.






Division of Equipments and Packs
Rua Gil Moreira, 123
Muriaé/MG, Brazil, 36880-000
+55 (32) 3722-3981

Division of Natural Casings
Rod. MGC-265, km 10,3, s/n
Zona Rural
Muriaé/MG, Brazil, 36880-000
+55 (32) 3721-4877